Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's not just two but three flats

I cut short my Easter Sunday ride due to two flats (both rear) in a row.  When I arrived home, however, I noticed the front tire was flat too.  Holy cow!  It's still inflated when I loaded it in the car.  I haven't fix it yet; as, I have no more spare.

Now, I'm not just tired but really fed up with this frequent flats!  Aside from the troubles of replacing the tube, it's escalating my costs.  The price range of a tube is from P250 to P350.

Meantime, I'm sidelining my Marin Alpine Trail 29er while looking for solutions to the problem.

Possible solutions:
  • Look for tubes with Schrader valve
  • Use 26er or 27.5er tubes with Schrader valve
  • Make the holes of the rims bigger to fit the Schrader valve.
What do you think?

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