Monday, April 29, 2013

Labor Day ride


My options:
  • Nova - Sierra Madre Loop (counter-clockwise) - Nova
  • Nova - Antipolo (Sumulong Highway - Olalia Road - Marcos Highway - Cabading) - Mt. Maarat - San Mateo - Nova 
  • Nova - Licao licao exploration - Nova
  • Nova - Bulacan tour - Nova

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another SS attack to Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo

As planned, my route today was Novaliches - Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo.

As always, I rode solo with AlitePot (my KHS Alite 150).  At the Neopolitan Business Park, I noticed my water bottle wasn't in the cage. I left it again!  Darn!  Thus, before entering the trail head, I bought a bottle of mineral water.  It would sustain up to the next pit stop.

After negotiating the downhill from the La Mesa gate, I was surprised to see the newly constructed steel gate.  It wasn't there two weeks ago.  Are they going to block this route permanently even from bikers?  I hope not!  Luckily, there's still a space beside the gate post where pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles can still pass through.

The rain yesterday made some portions muddy and some with pool of waters.  Otherwise, the land's drying out.

Though I felt much stronger, it wasn't enough to conquer most of the steeper uphills of the trails that I wasn't able to climb the last time..

At Iko's store, another solo biker, Vinzon, arrived.  This was the second time that we met.  Thence, we biked together up to Odiongan junction and parted ways.  He to Licao-licao terminal and I towards San Mateo, Rizal.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

SS Attack to Timberland and Mt. Sinai

I had a hard time climbing Timberland Heights this morning. And, I felt I wasn't in the mood. I stopped and rested five times; and, it took me an hour to reach the gate.  While resting, I was thinking whether to push through with my ride to Maarat basic trail then up to Giant and Mount Sinai to see the Merrell Run Event.

Then, someone greeted me.  It's Jermaine. When I learned that he and his friends would go to where I was supposed to go, I decided to tag along.
Jing, Dexter, Jermaine, & Marlon

Spicy Pancit & Spam at Giant Store

 At Mount Sinai

Broken RD converted into SS

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My ride plans - April 27 & 28

Wanna ride with me this weekend?  You may call or text me at 09173097741.
  • April 27, 2013 - Novaliches to Timberland to Giant and, probably, beyond & v.v.
  • April 28, 2013 - Novaliches to Pangarap to Macabud to San Mateo to Novaliches
  • May 1, 2013 -
Ride safe and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

20 laps in Neopolitan Business Park

For some reasons, I didn't report for work today.  Hence, I had time to pedal this afternoon.

I just made 20 laps in Neopolitan Business Park.  That's more than 20 kilometers and took me an hour.

Short ride but enjoyable!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Crossing the 20,000-kilometer mark

It's been 3 years and 10 months since my first pedal in June 2009.

And, yesterday, while breaking in my rigid SS 29er, I crossed the 20,000-kilometer mark of my biking career.

I congratulate myself!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Breaking in my rigid SS 29er

It's time to break in my rigid SS 29er.

Saturday, I pedaled all the way from Novaliches to San Mateo, Rizal.  The uphill climb to Timberland Heights was again grueling.  I made it to the gate in 3 stops only.  The bumpy ride along the Maarat basic trail was enjoyable.  But, on my way to Giant, I was hearing noises from the crank.
I decided to pedal back and have it checked.  The culprit was the worn chain; and, it was replaced by a new one. 

Sunday, my route was Novaliches - Tungko - Macabud - San Mateo - Novaliches.  The ride was okay except on steeper climbs - the chain was skipping and I had to push my bike up.
 I will have my bike checked again.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My ride plans - April 20 & 21

Now that I transformed my Marin Alpine Trail 29er into rigid fork and single speed, I'll ride and test (break in) her this weekend.
  • April 20, 2013 - Novaliches to Timberland to Giant and, probably, beyond & v.v. (I already tested her from Aling Tina's to Timberland gate.)
  • April 21, 2013 - Novaliches to Tungko to Macabud to San Mateo to Novaliches
Wanna ride with me, you may text me at 09173097741.

Ride safe always!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not just rigid but single speed as well

TweetyPot, my Marin Alpine Trail 29er, was ready to become rigid.

I also toyed the idea of making her a single speed too. And, why not?  So, I shopped around for the parts and found them in 2 bike stores - at Sabak Makati, the spacer and 17t cog; and, at Ross Cartimar, the singleator.

This afternoon, I brought her to Sumo Toys & Bikes in Cartimar for her transformation.
After which, we climbed the Wall to Timberland Heights gate for her initial break-in.  I was excited to ride her.
It's after 5 PM when I started the climb; and, the weather was fine.  Pedaling SS 29er is a little bit harder than my SS 26er.  I was able to complete the climb with 5 stops.  Grueling but enjoyable.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Padyakan para kay Aling Pinas - Saturday April. 27, 2013

I got this from
"Biking in the South will not be complete if you have not eaten at the famous Aling Pinas
Carinderia in Silang, Cavite. I am sure John Lloyd Cruz, Gary V, and all the other stars who are into Mountain Biking will agree.

Aling Pinas is like the oasis of bikers going to Tagaytay or Silang Trails. Sometimes even if we are already thirsty, our biking buddies will tell us, "Malapit na. Konting tiis na lang. Dun na tayo kina Aling Pinas kumain or uminom para diretcho pahinga na."

During their Fiesta in February, Aling P gives back to her customers by offering free food. Her house is open to everyone, even if you have to do the number 3. This is the kind and accomodating Aling P we all know. Recently, we learned that Aling P is undergoing dialysis. We also heard that her family, as advised by Aling P's nephrologist, would want her to undergo kidney transplant. We do not know if they have the financial capacity to support this. A kidney transplant could cost about 1.5M. Her beautiful daughter Regine will be the donor. For sure we will not be able to raise a million in this ride, but whatever amount we wholeheartedly contribute would make Aling P and her loved ones smile even for a day.

With this thought in mind, we are inviting all mountain bikers who were touched, in one way or the other of Aling Ps kindness and generosity. Let us unite, ride, and share our blessings. This is not a force solicitation. Any support in whatever way, whether by just eating in Aling P, making a donation or by praying for her fast recovery will come a long way. To those who plans to donate, we suggest that you join this ride so you can share your blessings and give it directly to Aling P.

Note: The organizers of this ride are not relatives of Aling P. We are just simple mountain bikers, generous to people in need.


1st Meet-up (Bikers from North) - Petron/Chowking Macapagal Blvd corner Edsa
Meeting Time - 5:30am
Ride Out - 6am

Route: Macapagal Blvd > Bgy Don Galo access road (dulo ng Macapagal) > turn right Quirino Ave > pass by St Andrews > pass by Bamboo Organ >

2nd Meet-up 6:45am - under Alabang-Zapote flyover with LPedal > turn right going to Coastal Extension > Molino Blvd > turn right Molino - Paliparan Rd >

3rd Meet-up with CAMBIO at Gran Trail Cavite 7:30am
Paliparan > turn right GMA Carmona Rd > turn left agad sa Rd going to Silang > Aling Pinas

Final Meet-up with Bikers from Laguna at Aling Pinas 10-11am

Things to bring: helmet, sunglasses, hydrobag, tools, extra tube, extra missing link, extra dropout, extra brake pads, head lights, rear lights, trail food, extra cash, cellphone, whistle, ziplock for your gadgets in case it rains, and well tuned up bike. Sorry dami nakalagay. Mabuti na maging boyscout para laging handa.

What to expect? road, 35 degrees temperature minimum, banayad na uphill, trails or purely road depende sa trip niyo pauwi.

Going back to Manila? Bikers have the following options: a.) go down via Silang Trails / Upak. b.) go down via cardiac hill c.) via aguinaldo e.) back track
or you might want to ride for another 5-7 kms uphill going to Tagaytay before going back to Manila.

Difficulty Level - Moderate to Hard

Visa Requirement - Whole Day

Stamina Level - Medium to High (because of the heat)

Confirmed - please sign up if you are joining this ride so Aling P will know how many bikers will eat in her carinderia.

Confirmed - please sign up here or at Facebook event if you are joining this ride so Aling P will know how many bikers will eat in her carinderia.

This event is hosted by the CPB-PMTB

Leopoldo C. Ocampo

PMTB Sign-up:


Facebook Event:

Let's support this cause.

Kudos to the organizers!

Monday, April 15, 2013

TweetyPot is going rigid

I've ridden AlitePot, my KHS Alite 150 26er, with rigid fork on trails for the past two weekends.  And, I enjoyed more the trail rides.

So, I've thought of converting TweetyPot, my Marin Alpine Trail 29er, from suspension fork into rigid fork too.

This afternoon, I already bought the fork - a black Mosso M3.
If I have time, I'd bring the bike to a friendly mechanic for installation.  And, I'm already excited to ride my 29er on trails again.

Photo from

Sunday, April 14, 2013

SS attack to Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo

I ride this route often.  It has many climbs; and, they are steeper.  Nonetheless, I can complete the ride without stops.  But, that's on a geared bike.

Today, I tested my SS powers.  Did I survive?

I did!  I completed the ride with 5 stops.  Then, I had no choice but to walk and push my bike up the hills.

Push no. 1 - at the climb from Pangarap:
 Push no. 2
Push no. 3 - after the mini dam
 Push no. 4
Push no. 5 - the paved climb after this store
Push no. 6 - the last climb near the La Mesa fence
Despite the pushes, I enjoyed this ride very much.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

SS Attack to Timberland, Maarat, Pestano

I woke up early today.  I pinched my legs; and, the pains were gone.  Great!

After peeping the Internet while sipping a cup of coffee, I prepared to bike.  My planned route: pedal all the way from Novaliches to Timberland to Maarat to Giant & v.v.

I again rode my SS bike.  The last time I climbed Timberland, I did it in 5 stops.  Now, it's 3 only.  More training!
Thence, I proceeded to Maarat basic trail and Giant.  However, instead of going to Giant, I turned right to Pestano Breakfast Club.  It's now serving buffet breakfast.  But, I still preferred the ala carte and ordered Trailblazers Skillet and a cup of coffee.
It's another day of great ride!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My ride plans - April 13 & 14, 2013

April 13, 2013 - Novaliches to Timberland to Maarat to Giant & v.v.

I'll be using my SS KHS Alite 150.

April 14, 2013 - Novaliches to Pangarap to Macabud to San Mateo to Novaliches

I'll be using either the SS KHS Alite 150 or geared Marin Alpine Trail 29er.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aching muscles

When I woke up this morning, I felt my leg muscles are aching.  This is the result of my 66-kilometer ride yesterday on single speed (SS).

I used to take the route, Novaliches - Tungko - Macabud - San Mateo - Novaliches, on my 29er geared bike.  And, this is the first time I used my SS 26er bike in this route.  Besides, this is my longest ride since almost two months.

With SS, one relies solely on the leg power, coupled by some techniques, to manage uphills.  I'm still newbie on SS and still training and practicing.  And, I think I overworked by legs.  Unlike in a geared bike, the gears are downshifted to a ratio needed by a biker to climb uphills - the bike helps the biker.

I'm hoping the pains would subside by Saturday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SS / Rigid attack to Licao-licao trails

I miss Licao-licao trails.  It's more than a month that I've not been there. And, I thought of riding there for my Araw ng Kagitingan ride. But, there's a problem.  When riding on trails, I usually use my geared Marin Alpine Trail 29er.  However, she's not yet in tiptop condition. Her chain skips when pedaling uphill.  And, the trails from Tungko to Macabud have lots of climbs

So, the only option is to use my other bike - an SS KHS Alite 150 with rigid fork. I usually ride this bike on roads.  And, my plan was to attack Timberland and beyond again.

Then, I changed my mind.  Last Sunday, I attacked Maarat basic trail with my SS; and, I survived.  And, attacking Licao-licao is not a bad idea.   Why not?  Anyway, it's not mortal sin to push the bike on uphills.

From home, I pedaled towards San Jose del Monte (SJDM) City.  Along the way, I saw a group of mountain bikers, some are from Padyakenyos Bike Club, converging in a gasoline station.  I learned later that they pedaled to Licao-licao too via Pangarap Village.

At Tungko, SJDM City, I entered the trails at Paradise to Barrio Bisaya to Jackhammer to Bricktown and exited via the single tracks to Ygay Road.  Then, I pedaled the paved road to Licao Jeepney terminal, where I rested for awhile and had my snack.
On my way to San Mateo, Rizal, I bumped into SSister YummyNia and Noli.
The trail ride with a single speed, rigid fork, clipless pedal, and single brake (front only) had been very challenging, exciting, and more fun.  I really thought I'd push my bike up most of the time.  But, surprisingly, I pushed my bike up in two instances only.
I'm now considering converting my Marine Alpine Trail 29er into an SS too.