Thursday, August 20, 2009

My newer bike

I'm getting serious into biking. Since I started pedaling a few months ago, I've been enjoying it. I love this exercise; and, I think I'm already addicted to it.

After I bought my first bike (BikePot), I checked the net and learned a lot about biking. I learned also that the bike I bought is too small for me. It's frame size is 16" only. I'm 5' and 11" and my inseam is 32". Thus, the recommended frame size for me is from 19" to 21". Hence, I've planned of buying a new one that fits me.

I'd started looking for a hybrid or mountain bike with a frame of 19" or 20". There are few stores who sell these sizes; and, they are priced beyond my maximum budget of P20,000. Yesterday, I canvassed through phone from more stores; and, I found one store with the 19" frame size, which is within my budget.

After office hours, I went to the store and inspected the unit. The store is located in Rockwell, Makati City, which is just a walking distance from our office. After test riding it, I'm satisfied with it and I decided to buy it. The tag price is P17,000. There's a 10% discount if cash or P15,300. I was able to get it at P15,000 with freebies of a saddle bag and a chain stay scratch protector.

My newer bike is a Red 2009 KHS Alite 150. And, I'm naming her AlitePot.
Please check its specifications here.

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