Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm now biking

For some time, I’ve been shopping around for a bike. Actually, I already saw one that I like with a tag of P15,000 ($320), but I had second thought. I’d like to determine first whether this exercise is for me or not before buying a better and expensive unit. So, I let a night passed and thought it over. When I woke up the following morning, I decided on buying the low end unit only. Should I decide not to continue biking or upgrade the bike to a high end unit, I would just give or donate this bike away; and, it wouldn’t break my heart.

I went to the nearest bicycle store and chose a unit. Its tag was P3,000; but, I was able to bargain at P2,600. It looks like a mountain bike with 24 gears but no suspensions.

First, I named my bike as “BikePot”. Then, I rode it to try on how the gears work. It’s the first time I used a bike with gears. It’s been a long long time since I last rode a bike. He he he . . .

Yesterday afternoon, I broke in my BikePot around UP Diliman Academic Oval. It's working good, so far!

Offhand, I think I would love this exercise. But, I’d keep walking as my other exercise.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Looking for alternative exercise

I walk for my exercise. I do it whenever and wherever there's an opportunity to do so. But, sometimes, I get bored walking. To break the boredom, I'd thought of an alternative exercise. And, I considered going back to badminton.

When a friend suggested biking, I considered it too. Being an aerobic and a low impact exercise like walking, I decided to give biking a try and see whether it's for me or not. So, I window shopped and canvassed around for a bike. A unit costs from P2,000 to an overwhelming P100,000 plus.

Since I'd still be experimenting, I would just buy a cheap one only - around P3,000 perhaps.