Sunday, March 16, 2014

Accident do happen

Yesterday, I joined the ride organized by YummyNia.  The route was Novaliches - Pangarap - Macabud - Licao-licao - Ricafort - Novaliches.

The ride was fun and uneventful until I crashed somewhere in Ricarfort.  I was told by my companions that I was unconscious for about 3 minutes.  I didn't remember what happened, why and how I crashed.  My helmet was damaged; and, I had bruises on my knees and elbows.

I was brought to the nearest hospital, where my injuries were treated and my right shoulder x-rayed.  Good, there's no fracture.

I got my cellphone and called my wife to fetch me.  My bike was entrusted by BackRoger to one of the residents nearby.

After a few minutes, wifey arrived with my two kids.   After settling my hospital bills, we went directly to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute for a CT Scan.  Fortunately, the result was negative.

Accident really do happen.  But, we don't know when and where.  So, we should always wear protective gears, especially, the helmet.  My helmet saved me!