Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breaking in AlitePot

I bought AlitePot (my newer bike) last Wednesday night; and, I couldn't wait to test drive her for a longer distance. As soon as we arrived home at almost 12 midnight, I unloaded her from the car and biked around inside our village for about 30 minutes.

Then, Friday afternoon, I went to UP Diliman and broke her in around the academic oval. I made ten laps or 23 kilometers (a lap's about 2.3 kilometers). Saturday afternoon, I went back to UP Diliman and pedaled 12 laps or 27.6 kilometers. I wanted to do some more laps, but it's already getting late.

No, I didn't pedaled continuously. I stopped every two laps for a drink and a breather.

So far, I'm very satisfied with her - especially the dual density saddle, the disk brakes, the shifters, the 21 gears and the 19" frame size - which is perfect for me. Also, I like her red and white color. I also bought a helmet with red and white color to match with the frame.

Hadn't we had outing tomorrow, I'd go to UP Diliman again or to the Neopolitan Business Park to pedal AlitePot once again. I'm really getting addicted to biking.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fixing flat tire myself

BikePot (my first bike) was flat again. This time it's the front tire. I tried first to pump it; but, it's not fully inflating.

Last week, it's the rear tire that's flat. And, I had it replaced at the store where I bought it.

Okay! This time, I'll fix it myself. I now have the gadgets and the knowledge (through the internet) to change the tube. I already bought a spare tube, a tire lever, and a portable pump.

First, I reviewed some instructional videos from the internet. Very confident that I could do it myself, I began the procedure.
Not a single drop of perspiration, I finished the job in no time. The job's as easy as falling off a log.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My newer bike

I'm getting serious into biking. Since I started pedaling a few months ago, I've been enjoying it. I love this exercise; and, I think I'm already addicted to it.

After I bought my first bike (BikePot), I checked the net and learned a lot about biking. I learned also that the bike I bought is too small for me. It's frame size is 16" only. I'm 5' and 11" and my inseam is 32". Thus, the recommended frame size for me is from 19" to 21". Hence, I've planned of buying a new one that fits me.

I'd started looking for a hybrid or mountain bike with a frame of 19" or 20". There are few stores who sell these sizes; and, they are priced beyond my maximum budget of P20,000. Yesterday, I canvassed through phone from more stores; and, I found one store with the 19" frame size, which is within my budget.

After office hours, I went to the store and inspected the unit. The store is located in Rockwell, Makati City, which is just a walking distance from our office. After test riding it, I'm satisfied with it and I decided to buy it. The tag price is P17,000. There's a 10% discount if cash or P15,300. I was able to get it at P15,000 with freebies of a saddle bag and a chain stay scratch protector.

My newer bike is a Red 2009 KHS Alite 150. And, I'm naming her AlitePot.
Please check its specifications here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My first bike accident

One place I go for biking is the Neopolitan Business Park. It's located at the back of SM City Fairview. The park has concrete pavements but no buildings yet. Thus, it's become the haven for walkers, joggers, bikers, and other physical fitness enthusiasts. It's about 1.5 kilometers from our place.

This morning, I biked to the park. I made several laps. I tried to count how many but got lost. I estimated it at around 10 laps. A lap is 1.1 to 1.3 kilometers. So, I biked around 10. 2 kilometers. And, that's about 2.5 hours.

After resting, I proceeded back home. Along Quirino Highway, there are pavements that have been bored in preparation for the repairs. It's bumpy passing over them and I tried to avoid them. I attempted to go the sidewalk. But, in process, BikePot and I fell. Ouch!!! I immediately stood up and looked around. Did anybody see me fall? Whew! Nobody's looking at me. He he he . . . I assessed my injury - an abraded right knee only. I also felt slight aching in both my wrists. And, no damage to BikePot except the misaligned water bottle holder.

When I got home, I immediately washed my knee with alcohol. Ouch, again! I'm glad, it's nothing serious.

This is my first accident since I started biking two months ago. Next time, I'll take extra precaution.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

BikePot has flat tire

I arrived home last night at around 9:00 PM. After changing my clothes, I decided to bike around inside our village for about 30 minutes before eating my dinner. I got out and took BikePot. But, Luigi (my son) warned me that BikePot had flat rear tire. "What happened?", I asked him. He didn't know and just saw that the tire was flat. But, I just used it yesterday morning!

I pumped the tire; but, when I rode it, it got flat again in no time. Another pump, another flat.

This morning, I brought BikePot to the store where I bought it to have the tube vulcanized. However, the store doesn't do vulcanizing; so, I had it replaced. The cost of the tube is P85. I just gave P10 tip for the labor. I also bought a spare tube and a tire lever. Next time, I'd just do the replacement of the tube myself.

Once again, BikePot is in tip-top condition!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My sunglasses

I don't wear sunglasses. The last time I wore one was when my gifted me a Rayban (McArthur style). But, that was a long long time ago. When I lost it, I didn't replace it anymore.

When my friend Dan learned about, he gave me a pair of sunglasses. I refused it because I don't really wear one. He told me that I needed a pair to protect my eyes from protracted exposure to sunlight while biking and, at the same time, to make me more handsome. More concerned with the latter, I accepted it with much gratitude.

Thank you for your generosity, Dan!