Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Mini Pump for my Folding Bike

I just bought a pump dedicated for my folding bike (a Dahon Speed Uno).

It's Zefal Air Profil Micro.  This pump is designed for road bike tires only.  And, I thought it's also good for the smaller tires of a folding bike.

I was looking for a blue color but the available was red only.

(photo from

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hypertensive Cycling Group Philippines

I've been hypertensive for more than 10 years.  And, this is one of the reasons why I went into biking 6 years ago hoping to control my blood pressure.

On Facebook, I found a group called "Hypertensive Cycling Group Philippines".  It's obviously for bikers with hypertension as well as those with other cardiovascular problems.  A member is encouraged to share his health concerns, tips, experiences for the benefit of other members.

If you are a biker who has any cardiovascular problem, you may also join this group at

See you there!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Training for my Baguio ride

More than two (2) weeks from now, I'll attempt to pedal from Novaliches all the way to Baguio City.

As part of my training, I'm going to do tomorrow the Novaliches to Antipolo to Mt. Maarat to Novaliches loop.  This is about 68 kilometers.

My intended route:
Novaliches - Masinag - up to Antipolo via Sumulong Highway - down to Cogeo via Olalia Road - Cabading - up to Mt. Maarat - Timberland - down to C6 - Novaliches.
The distance from Masinag up to Olalia Road via Sumulong Highway is about 7 kilometers; while from Cabading up to Pintong Bocaue 4 kilometers.

If there's extra time, I'd side trip to any of the trails in Mt. Maarat.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Commuting home from work

My Dahon Speed Uno is ready!

It's my coding day; and, I'd be commuting home from work tonight.

My route:  Buendia Ave. - BGC - C5 - Zuzuaregui St. - Commonwealth Ave. - Quirino Ave. - Zabarte Rd. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sea Gull Saddle

Last Sunday, I passed by Neopolitan Business Park on my way to Licao-licao trails.

I stopped at the bike parts vendor and looked at his wares.   I saw a Sea Gull saddle and asked for its price.  It's P550 only.  I bargained for one at P500 and put it inside my bag.  A Sea Gull saddle costs P1,300 in a Mall bike shop.

I installed it on my Dahon Speed Uno folding bike.

By the way, the saddles on my other two (2) bikes are Sea Gull as well.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Novaliches to Baguio City

I've planned to pedal all the way from our home in Novaliches up to Baguio City on June 9 to 10, 2015.

I'll use my KHS Alite 150, SS (32 x 17), rigid 69er with 2.1 Maxxis Crossmark tires.  I preferred this over my SS (32 x 18) rigid 29er; as, it has lower gear inches of 49.941 and slimmer tire of 2,1 against 51.556 and 2.2, respectively, of the latter.   Besides, I already used my 29er on my first 2 climbs from Rosario, LU to Baguio in 2011 and 2012.  It's still geared then.

My intended itinerary / routes:

1st day - Leave home by 5:00 am
Novaliches - Quirino Highway - San Rafael, Bulacan - Maharlika Highway - Sta. Rosa, N. E. - La Paz, Tarlac - Manila North Road - Rosales, Pangasinan

2nd day - Leave Rosales by 6:00 am
Rosales, Pangasinan - Rosario, L. U. - Kennon Road - Baguio City.

This morning, I started my training by climbing the Walls in Timberland and to the Blue Zone Trails.  And, I was surprised that I climbed Wall 1 up to Timberland gate with 2 stops only.  I used to do it in 3 stops.

I welcome those who wanted to ride with me all the way or along the way.  Just leave a message.  Thanks.