Sunday, April 14, 2013

SS attack to Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo

I ride this route often.  It has many climbs; and, they are steeper.  Nonetheless, I can complete the ride without stops.  But, that's on a geared bike.

Today, I tested my SS powers.  Did I survive?

I did!  I completed the ride with 5 stops.  Then, I had no choice but to walk and push my bike up the hills.

Push no. 1 - at the climb from Pangarap:
 Push no. 2
Push no. 3 - after the mini dam
 Push no. 4
Push no. 5 - the paved climb after this store
Push no. 6 - the last climb near the La Mesa fence
Despite the pushes, I enjoyed this ride very much.

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