Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horny Monday solo ride

At last, I experienced the horniest ride - the Sungay in Tagaytay City. Last Sunday and Monday, we were at Tagaytay City for the despedida celebration of my mother. I brought along my bike in case there's an opportunity to bike during our stay there. And, good enough, on Monday morning I had the chance to bike. My route - from the hotel, down the Talisay Road, up the infamous Sungay Road, and back to the hotel.

Posing and warming up:

I left at about 5:45 am and the National Road's still foggy:

On the way down Talisay Road:

Along the Talisay - Tanuan Road:

Before going up the Sungay Road, I decided to tour the Talisay Proper:

Finally, on the way up to Sungay:

I attempted to climb the Sungay Road without dismount. Despite the very good weather, however, I failed to do so. I underestimated it and used my bike with no granny. I made several stops to rest or push my on steeper climbs.

Anyway, I shall return and attempt again.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Macabud muddy ride

August 27, a Monday, was a holiday. It's National Heroes Day.

So, I rode to Macabud, Rodriguez, Rizal via Tungko, SJDM, Bulacan.

The trail was muddy and it made the ride more enjoyable.

Some portions of the road were damaged due continuous rains and were being repaired:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Mosso Rigid Fork

While riding at San Mateo, Riza yesterday, I saw a Mosso Rigid Fork being sold at one of the bike parts vendors. It's pre-owned and priced at P1,500.

My old suspension fork has not been working properly; so, I had thought of replacing it. I've considered getting a rigid fork to shave some weights.

So, I tried to haggle on the price. And, we agreed at P1,350.

Then, I immediately went to a friendly bike shop.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nabutas trail after the rains

The Nabutas trail is located at Macabud, Rodriguez, Rizal. From Licao-licao, it's downhill up to Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal.

I sometimes traverse this trail to hone my downhill or uphill skills.

Three Saturdays ago (8/11/12), I tried to pass the trail again from Licao-licao going to San Isidro. However, some locals warned and dissuaded me not to pass through; as, there's still flooded area, which was waist deep, let alone the deep ruts along the way. Heeding their advice, I turned back and passed the other way.

Last Saturday (8/25/12), I again passed the trail to see the aftermath of the continuous rains to the trail.

The trail, at its current state, may be dangerous especially to the inexperienced bikers. At one point, my bike slid and I crashed kissing the ground while avoiding the ruts and goats. Then, I walked most of the way.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Eid ul-Fitr ride to DRT, Bulacan

It's August 20 and a holiday to celebrate the End of Ramadan or Eid ul-Ftr in the country. So, I decided to ride to Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan alone. I left home at about 8:30 am after eating my breakfast of pandesal, egg, and hotdog.

My route was Quirino Highway up to M. Valte Road, the junction in Angat going to DRT. But, I detoured inside Paradise Farms in San Jose del Monte for some trailing.
At Bigte, Norzagaray, I took a rest and ate a bowl of arroz caldo.
Norzagaray Rotonda

Welcome to Angat

The Angat bridge to DRT

Welcome to DRT - 1977

View deck overlooking the river

DRT Municipal Hall

It's 12 noon and time to go back home

Lunch time in Angat

Dinuguan and laing

Stop over at SJDM. I passed by Tigbe on my way home.
Fried hito (catfish)

I arrived home by 4:30 pm and washed my bike.