Saturday, April 13, 2013

SS Attack to Timberland, Maarat, Pestano

I woke up early today.  I pinched my legs; and, the pains were gone.  Great!

After peeping the Internet while sipping a cup of coffee, I prepared to bike.  My planned route: pedal all the way from Novaliches to Timberland to Maarat to Giant & v.v.

I again rode my SS bike.  The last time I climbed Timberland, I did it in 5 stops.  Now, it's 3 only.  More training!
Thence, I proceeded to Maarat basic trail and Giant.  However, instead of going to Giant, I turned right to Pestano Breakfast Club.  It's now serving buffet breakfast.  But, I still preferred the ala carte and ordered Trailblazers Skillet and a cup of coffee.
It's another day of great ride!

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