Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horny Monday solo ride

At last, I experienced the horniest ride - the Sungay in Tagaytay City. Last Sunday and Monday, we were at Tagaytay City for the despedida celebration of my mother. I brought along my bike in case there's an opportunity to bike during our stay there. And, good enough, on Monday morning I had the chance to bike. My route - from the hotel, down the Talisay Road, up the infamous Sungay Road, and back to the hotel.

Posing and warming up:

I left at about 5:45 am and the National Road's still foggy:

On the way down Talisay Road:

Along the Talisay - Tanuan Road:

Before going up the Sungay Road, I decided to tour the Talisay Proper:

Finally, on the way up to Sungay:

I attempted to climb the Sungay Road without dismount. Despite the very good weather, however, I failed to do so. I underestimated it and used my bike with no granny. I made several stops to rest or push my on steeper climbs.

Anyway, I shall return and attempt again.