Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tungkong Mangga trails

Yesterday, I was on my way to Norzagaray and Sta. Maria, Bulacan for my tour of Bulacan.

Upon reaching Barangay Tungkong Mangga in San Jose Del Monte City, I hanged my mind and explored this place instead.

At the junction, instead of going straight to Norzagaray, I turned right and pedaled to I didn't know where. On my pit stops, I just asked the locals for directions.

I also met a fellow PMTBiker, Ka Leo, who's also riding alone. He's already on his way home. We chatted for awhile and he gave me directions and advices. I thanked him.

My lunch of sinigang na baboy (pork in sour broth)

Friday, March 26, 2010

My new eyeglasses

I have, not one nor two but, three new eye glasses. Two pairs are sun glasses and a pair of clear glasses.

I'll use the pair with the red color in my biking during day rides and the clear glasses on night rides. The third pair is for my driving.

How do I look?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Biking in Bagac, Bataan

It's summer time and we went to a beach resort Bagac, Bataan with my family, yesterday.

In the afternoon, I found time to bike and explored the place. My biking time's limited - two hours only; and, I just took the rolling roads and enjoyed the views. I saw some seemingly trail heads but didn't dare enter them as I might end up in a private or no trespassing place. I entered some though but with signs going to beach resorts.

Bagac, here we come

Stop over at NLEX Total and bought fried ducks and some food

Installing the front wheel and saddle

Warming up

A big tree along the road from Sun Moon Beach Resort

Another fire road going to another resort

It's the same road

At the Floen Beach Resort

One of the trails

The long and seemed endless paved road

On my way back

A view of the sea

At the White Beach Resort

Montemar gate

The road from Montemar

I'm back at the Sun Moon Beach Resort


My bicycle


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I return to Macabud, Rodriquez, Rizal

I wasn't able to join the PMTB North Licao licao ride last Saturday. And, I decided to the trailing today.

There's an invitation by the Certified Poser Bikers (CPB) for the Shotgun - Wawa loop today; and, I thought of joining this one in lieu of my Macabud solo ride. But, I wasn't able to wake up early; and, I push through with solo Macabud ride.
At the La Mesa Gate

Overlooking view

One of my pit stops

This is where I always push my bike up.

Another rest

Resting again

One of the trail heads that I'd explore in the near future

A new trail that I'm exploring

I didn't rest but crashed

Check where the handlebar was facing

Checking my directions

Resting again

Along the Montalban (Rodriguez) Highway

Refueling at San Mateo