Monday, June 3, 2013

Experimenting on 69er

Currently, I have two bikes.  My first is a 26er and the second a 29er.  26er and 29er are breeds of bicycles.  26er has wheels measuring 26 inches in diameter while 29er 29 inches.

There's another breed of bike - a 69er.  Wow! Its wheels must be very big at 69 inches.  I thought it was.

69er wheels are not 69 inches in diameter.  It's a combination of two sizes of wheels - 26" at the rear and 29" at the front.

I was curious about the 69er.  So, I thought on experimenting using my parts from my two bikes.

There's only one thing to do to convert any of my bikes into 69er, i.e., to change one of the wheels.

First, I tried it with my 26er.  I removed the front wheel and replaced it with the front 29er wheel.  By the way, I'm using a rigid fork with 420 mm length from axle to crown.

69er in action: