Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainy tour of Bulacan

I was supposed to join a trail ride in Licao-licao this morning. But, it's cancelled due to continuous rains.

At 9:00 AM, it's still drizzling. Nonetheless, I pedaled off towards Bulacan. I'd planned to explore San Rafael, Bulacan. From our home in Novaliches, I took the following routes: Quirino Highway to North Caloocan to San Jose Del Monte City to Norzagaray to Angat to San Rafael, Bulacan. On the way back, I proceeded to Baliuag to Bustos to Angat to Norzagaray to San Jose Del Monte City via Tigbe to North Caloocan to Novaliches.

The ride took me six hours. And, it's another day of fun biking under the rain.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rainy father's day ride

I was supposed to join a PMTB group in its Sierra Madre loop. I woke up early at 3:30 AM only to find out that it's downpouring. Then, I felt my bed was pulling me back. Zzzzzz . . .

I woke up again at around 7:00 AM. The rain hadn't stopped yet; and it's no intention of stopping because of typhoon "Egay".

At 9:00 AM, I prepared to bike - rain or raining. No destination yet in mind, I just pedaled away and enjoyed the rain. I ended up in one of my favorite biking placeS - in San Mateo. At the crossroads to Shotgun and Timberland, I stopped and contemplated on which one to climb. I decided on the latter.

It's another day of fun biking, which made more fun by the rain.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two years of biking

Exactly two years ago, I first rode my first bike around the UP Diliman Academic Oval. I just pedaled a few laps. Since then, I've already covered about 9,500 kilometers.

I considered the following as my biking accomplishments so far:

  • Made 3 century (in miles) rides - 1) Nova to Ternate to Nova: 204 kms.; 2) Nova to Tagaytay to Nova: 180 kms.; and, 3) Nova to Silang, Cavite to Nova: 168 kms.

  • Climbed non-stop/no dismount - Mt. Maarat via Shotgun, Timberland, and Cabading / Antipolo via Marikina, Pasig, and Teresa / Mt. Samat.

  • Converted my two bikes to clipless pedals.

  • I'm glad I'm hooked into it. And, I enjoyed every second of my saddle time - butt soring or not.

    There's only one regret - that I didn't start biking much earlier in my life.


    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Wifey buys me another jersey

    I have a new jersey. It was bought by wifey when she went shopping at Greenhills Shopping Center last Monday. I first wore this yesterday on my birthday ride in San Mateo, Rizal.

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    My birthday ride

    I woke up early and looked out the window. It's raining; and, I went back to bed.

    I woke up again after 2 hours; but, it's still raining. I waited for another hour. It seemed the rain wouldn't stop. So, I decided to push through with my birthday ride despite the rain.

    I pedaled all the way to San Mateo and enjoyed my wet birthday ride.