Monday, April 15, 2013

TweetyPot is going rigid

I've ridden AlitePot, my KHS Alite 150 26er, with rigid fork on trails for the past two weekends.  And, I enjoyed more the trail rides.

So, I've thought of converting TweetyPot, my Marin Alpine Trail 29er, from suspension fork into rigid fork too.

This afternoon, I already bought the fork - a black Mosso M3.
If I have time, I'd bring the bike to a friendly mechanic for installation.  And, I'm already excited to ride my 29er on trails again.

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  1. Hello, Thank you for post this information.
    May I ask you:

    How about the geometry change after change to a rigid fork? How it feels?

    I'm about to buy this bike and i'd like to get another rigid fork to replace the suspension.

    Beaing thankful beforeand


    1. Hi David.

      I didn't check the actual change in geometry. The ride become harsh on trails. But, I like it that way. After some time, I learned to adjust to the rugged ride.

      I think the Ultra Sport is a good bike.