Monday, May 31, 2010

La Mesa Nature Reserve ride

My dream ride, which was scheduled last Saturday up to this Wednesday, was postponed. Hence, yesterday, I had the chance to experience and enjoy biking at the famous La Mesa Nature Reserve Bike Trails. Finally!

I've been biking for almost a year and dreamt of pedaling in these famous trails. Ironically, the nature reserve is just our neighbor; and, the entrance is just about 4 kilometers from our place. But, this was the first time I entered the reserve and tried its trails. I've been a solo rider and solo riding is not allowed in these trails. The minimum requirement is five bikers.

Incidentally, there's a PMTB group led by Whoops that's scheduled to trail this morning. And, I joined them. It's a pleasure meeting and riding with the PMTB icons. And, I realized I have to eat tons of rice to be able to at least equal their strenghts.

So far, this was the most difficult ride I've ever had.
  1. This was my initiation ride to these trails and totally unaware of what to expect;
  2. I couldn't cope up with the pace of my more experienced companions. I need more hard training to do so;
  3. The land's still wet (it rained hard two days ago);
  4. My soles got wet and mud stuck under them. These caused my shoes to slip from the pedals. And, when this happened, I momentarily lost control of my bike;
  5. While crossing over one of the logged bridges from a downhill, I lost control and my right handle bar hit the railing. Fortunately, I and my bike were still standing upon impact but my b__ slighty hit the top tube. There's no damage to me and my bike. The chain was just disengaged. Later, I found out that my sunglass fell off. I also noticed my headlight's clamp broke;
  6. I sweat profusely from head to toe; and, I was totally drenched with my own sweat. It's wasn't a "no sweat" ride indeed. My companions thought I dipped in a body of water. I consumed my 2.5 liters of water, and another liter of water and 2 bottles of Gatorade I bought inside the trails;
  7. I had difficulty pedaling on most of the ascents; so, I just walked and pushed my bike;
  8. Both my forearms got cramped at one point;
  9. I strategically bailed out in the middle of the ride. The group's supposed to go to Tower 1.
Nonetheless, this is my best ride ever. Also, I had a nice company from PMTB.

La Mesa Nature Reserve is the best bike trails I've ever been. It's the last forest in the metropolis. A P200.00 is being charged per rider. A ranger or two would accompany and guide the group (minimum of 5 bikers). And, in case of emergency or not so emergency, the reserve provides the necessary assistance and help. Thus, the fee is worth it.

My special thanks to Denz226 of PMTB for sharing some of his shots above.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My dream ride remains a dream

After considering all premises, I finally decided to put off my dream ride from Novaliches to Tuguegarao City.

My primary consideration was safety factor because of the hot weather the country is experiencing due to the effect of the El Nino phenomenon.

I think I've prepared and trained for it, including the extreme hot weather scenarios. But, still, I don't want to take chances. I'm already an aging biker; and, I may not survived the extreme the Region 2 up there is experiencing. There was news in a military camp there that a military trainee died and some others hospitalized due to heat stroke.

I was really crazy fulfilling this dream ride; but, I didn't want it to be my last ride.

Meantime, I'm putting this ride off and still dreaming of this ride.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm nervous


2 days

to my dream ride.

And, my excitement is turning into nervousness. Maybe, I'm just too excited.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flat tire

Last Sunday, I pedaled from home all the way to Antipolo church and back.

On my way down along Sumulong Highway from the church, I felt something's wrong with my bike. I looked down and saw that my rear tire's soft. I dismounted and pressed it. It's soft, all right. I pumped the tire in the meantime and proceeded to my pit stop at the Cloud 9 Restaurant for lunch, which is just about a hundred meters ahead.

Before it got flat.

I arrived at the restaurant with my rear tire still hard. When I finished eating, I again checked the tire. It's now totally flat. I got my tools and patches. I checked first what's the culprit. It's a big staple wire that punctured the tire.

Since I bought my bike last June, this was the first time I experienced a flat tire. And, this was the first time that I fixed/patched a flat tire.

Looking for the puncture was somewhat difficult; but, I managed to do so after several attempts.

After fixing the flat tire, I proceeded home.

I'm really excited with my dream ride

I feel very excited now that it's only

3 days

to my dream ride.

I've prepared and trained for it physically. And, I'm now doing mental preparation.

I'm just hoping that my dream ride would push through as scheduled.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

5 days to go . . .

The countdown continues . . .

5 days

to go to my dream Novaliches - Tuguegarao ride.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My last training for my dream ride

Today, I biked all the way to Antipolo Church. I left home at about 7:00 and arrived at the church after about 2 hours. This was the last part of my training for my dream Novaliches to Tuguegarao City ride six days from now.

My first pit stop on the way up

6 more days

6 more days . . .

I'm getting excited.

Today, I'll be leaving in an hour to bike to Antipolo City and back.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream ride countdown

7 days to go . . .

I wasn't able to train today due to the company's event - a one-day Sportsfest. It was held at the Palms Country Club in Alabang, Mandaluyong.

I played in the bowling tournament.

I was supposed to bike all the way from our place to the event's venue. But, I drove my daughter to a bus terminal in Cubao. Thus, I brought my car instead.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Countdown to my dream ride

8 DAYS to my dream ride

I'm already preparing a checklist of what to wear and the essentials to bring on this 470-kilometer ride. Ride light!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I also train for long distance pedaling

For the past four weekends until yesterday, I've been training for mountain climbing in preparation for my Novaliches - Tuguegarao dream ride. Today, however, I decided to train for long distance pedaling.

I pedaled all the way towards Bulacan via San Jose del Monte. This is where I'd pass on my way to Tuguegarao. I wanted to check and familiarize myself with this segment of my route. I passed by Norzagaray, Angat and Bustos. At Angat, I learned the way going to Dona Remedios Trinidad. And, at Bustos, I saw the way going to Baliuag. It's where I'd turn right towards the Maharlika Highway.

From Bustos, I pedaled towards Plaridel, Guiguinto and to McArthur Highway towards Manila. At Meycauyan, I turned left to Malhacan Road on my way home. The loop is about 95 kilometers and I pedaled it for about 8 hours (9 am to 5 pm) under the intense heat of the sun.

My breakfast of lengua

The bridge going to Dona Remedios Trinidad

Plaridel National Highway

McArthur Highway, Guiguinto

McArthur Highway, Bocaue

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two weeks to go for my dream ride.

Two weeks to go for my Novaliches to Tuguegarao dream ride.

And, today, I pedaled all the way to San Mateo, Rizal and climbed Timberland again for my mountain crossing training.

My breakfast of tortang giniling.

At Aling Tina's