Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another SS attack to Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo

As planned, my route today was Novaliches - Pangarap - Macabud - San Mateo.

As always, I rode solo with AlitePot (my KHS Alite 150).  At the Neopolitan Business Park, I noticed my water bottle wasn't in the cage. I left it again!  Darn!  Thus, before entering the trail head, I bought a bottle of mineral water.  It would sustain up to the next pit stop.

After negotiating the downhill from the La Mesa gate, I was surprised to see the newly constructed steel gate.  It wasn't there two weeks ago.  Are they going to block this route permanently even from bikers?  I hope not!  Luckily, there's still a space beside the gate post where pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles can still pass through.

The rain yesterday made some portions muddy and some with pool of waters.  Otherwise, the land's drying out.

Though I felt much stronger, it wasn't enough to conquer most of the steeper uphills of the trails that I wasn't able to climb the last time..

At Iko's store, another solo biker, Vinzon, arrived.  This was the second time that we met.  Thence, we biked together up to Odiongan junction and parted ways.  He to Licao-licao terminal and I towards San Mateo, Rizal.

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