Sunday, January 31, 2010

Novaliches - Timberland - Novaliches

For today's ride, I'd planned of exploring the Licao-licao trails. It'd be first to ride to Licao-licao; hence, I'm still a stranger to the trails. So, in preparation, I checked the PMTB forum for the previous rides to Licao-licao to get information and mapped my routes.

Last night, however, I came home from my Leyte trip with bad feeling due to LBM. After making two trips to the comfort room, I decided to sleep. Minutes later, I felt I had a fever and chilled. My stomach was still aching. If this feeling persisted, I'd cancel my ride.

6:00 AM, I woke up and assessed myself. There's no more fever; but, I made another two trips to the comfort room. At 9:00 AM, I decided to push through with my ride. But, since it's already late, I changed my plan and pedaled to a familiar place instead - to San Mateo, Rizal and to Timberland Heights.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exploring Caloocan City North

Caloocan City North is just a few meters from our place. So, I decided to explore it by biking.

From our place, I pedaled along Zabarte Road towards Caloocan City North. I turned right to Camarin Road and biked all the way until I reached Bagong Silang.

"Bantayog ng Kalayaan" at Tala

Tala Elementary School

Victoria Waves Special Economic Zone

Sensing that I was going deeply into Bagong Silang, I turned back and headed to Quirino Highway.

From Quirino Highway, I turned left or U to Araneta Avenue.

I reached up to this post #68 and I turned back.

Before exiting Quirino Highway, I went inside Pangarap Village and biked along Narra Avenue until I exited at Araneta Avenue. It's about 4:00 PM; and, I decided to go home.

On my way home, however, I went inside Maligaya Park, which is partly Quezon City and partly Caloocan City North. Unfortunately, I got lost inside the park. I asked for direction going to Camarin. While looking for my way, I passed by the Caloocan City Hall North.

And, somehow, I was able to get out, not through Camarin Road, but Robinson's Fairview.

What I've explored was the northeastern part of Caloocan City North. I would explore the other parts in due time.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Novaliches - Timberland - La Mesa Ecopark - Novaliches

From home, I took off at about 8:00 AM for Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal.
Rest at Aling Tina's Eatery before climbing up - it's about 16 kilometers from home.

Timberland Gate

On my way back home, I detoured to La Mesa Ecopark in Fairview.
The road leading to the park


Entrance to the park & briefing area

Actually, I had no intention of going inside the park but to pass by only. However, the security guard told me to try the bike trail inside. It's located at the Petron Fitness and Nature Trail. It's just a very short bike trail - about 1.2 kilometers. I tried it nonetheless and made several rounds.

Albeit short, I found it a little bit difficult and I was down once. Fortunately, I just suffered a small bruise only at the back of my leg.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My rider is gone

My rider, ElmoPot, shall no longer ride with me. Hu hu hu . . .

I showed him to my 2-year old grandniece; and, she likes him. Hence, I'd no choice but to yield him to her.

Goodbye, ElmoPot! I will surely miss you, buddy!

Novaliches-Santolan, Pasig-Marikina-San Mateo-Novaliches

Yesterday morning, I left at around 6:30 AM. I again braved Commonwealth Avenue. This time, it's the stretch from Mindanao Avenue up to Tandang Sora Avenue, where I turned left.

My first pit stop was at UP Diliman. While resting, I was surprised when a totally stranger biker approached me and called my name. He's Momoy - my blog visitor. And, he recognized my bike. Nice meeting you personally, Momoy!
UP Diliman Sunken Garden

After a 10-minute rest, I proceeded via Katipunan Avenue, Aurora Boulevard, Marcos Highway, and entered Evangelista Street - the way to Barangay Santolan.
Entering Barangay Santolan

Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church

After visiting my relatives, I traversed and explored Marikina City going to San Mateo, Rizal.
Marikina City Bike Lane

Marikina City Hall

Entering Sto. Nino, San Mateo, Rizal

Fried vegetable lumpia to satisty my hunger

Kambal Extension Road, San Mateo, Rizal
A bottle of beer at Froys Plaze

From San Mateo, I went home via Batasan Road and Commonwealth Avenue.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My ride to Santolan, Pasig City

This morning, I'm pedaling to Santolan, Pasig City to visit my Aunt, who's celebrating her birthday today.

It's about 20 kilometers from our place here in Novaliches, Quezon City.

My planned route is Commonwealth Avenue - Tandang Sora Avenue - Katipunan Avenue - Aurora Boulevard - Marcos Highway - Evangelista Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City. On the way back, I'd passed by Marikina City and San Mateo, Rizal.

I'd be leaving at about 6:30 AM.

Wish me safe ride.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bike to burn extra food intake

We're invited to a birthday and thankgiving luncheon. And, I ate too much - especially the lechon (roasted pig).

I need to burn these extra food intake. So, instead of going to my scheduled UP Diliman ride, I went to San Mateo, Rizal for uphill climb instead.

At Froys Plaze, I was still undecided where to bike. While preparing, I considered where to go:
To Shotgun?

Or, to Timberland?

I decided the latter.

At the Timberland:

A refreshing bottle of Light Beer after a hard climb.

Happy birthday, Rachelle Ariola. Again, congratulations to her sister, Atty. Aimee Ariola.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Novaliches-Payatas-Rodriguez-San Mateo-Batasan ride

My Kia Carens (KarenPot) has run more than 51,000 kilometers. She was already overdue for her 50,000 kms. Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS).

My original plan was to bring her to Kia Pasig. And, while waiting for the service to finish, I'd bike the Marcos Highway - Sumulong Highway - Ortigas Avenue - Amang Rodriquez Avenue Loop.

However, the plan was changed. Instead of Kia Pasig, I brought my car to Kia Fairview, which is the nearest Kia service center from our place. Thence, I executed my other ride plan: the Payatas/Litex Road - Rodriguez - San Mateo - Batasan Road Loop.
After turning over KarenPot to the service center, I started pedaling. This is my first time to traverse Payatas Road and Rodriquez. As expected, the ride along Payatas Road was stenchy.

The loop consists of paved roads. And, for some bumpy rides, I again took the Patiis, Maly-Ampid, and Abuab Roads in San Mateo.

From Kia Fairview, I started pedaling

Corner of IBP Road and Payatas Road

Somewhere along Payatas Road, I saw two mountain bikers taking the same route

Highway Boundary

Montalban Bridge

Marikina River viewed from Montalban Bridge

Rodriguez-San Mateo boundary

The muddy portion of Maly-Ampid Road

San Mateo-Batasan Bridge

And, back to Kia Fairview

Thanks to PMTBikers Plankton_Dash and Rocky for your very helpful heads up and advices on how to ride the Payatas/Litex Road.