Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not just rigid but single speed as well

TweetyPot, my Marin Alpine Trail 29er, was ready to become rigid.

I also toyed the idea of making her a single speed too. And, why not?  So, I shopped around for the parts and found them in 2 bike stores - at Sabak Makati, the spacer and 17t cog; and, at Ross Cartimar, the singleator.

This afternoon, I brought her to Sumo Toys & Bikes in Cartimar for her transformation.
After which, we climbed the Wall to Timberland Heights gate for her initial break-in.  I was excited to ride her.
It's after 5 PM when I started the climb; and, the weather was fine.  Pedaling SS 29er is a little bit harder than my SS 26er.  I was able to complete the climb with 5 stops.  Grueling but enjoyable.

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