Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SS / Rigid attack to Licao-licao trails

I miss Licao-licao trails.  It's more than a month that I've not been there. And, I thought of riding there for my Araw ng Kagitingan ride. But, there's a problem.  When riding on trails, I usually use my geared Marin Alpine Trail 29er.  However, she's not yet in tiptop condition. Her chain skips when pedaling uphill.  And, the trails from Tungko to Macabud have lots of climbs

So, the only option is to use my other bike - an SS KHS Alite 150 with rigid fork. I usually ride this bike on roads.  And, my plan was to attack Timberland and beyond again.

Then, I changed my mind.  Last Sunday, I attacked Maarat basic trail with my SS; and, I survived.  And, attacking Licao-licao is not a bad idea.   Why not?  Anyway, it's not mortal sin to push the bike on uphills.

From home, I pedaled towards San Jose del Monte (SJDM) City.  Along the way, I saw a group of mountain bikers, some are from Padyakenyos Bike Club, converging in a gasoline station.  I learned later that they pedaled to Licao-licao too via Pangarap Village.

At Tungko, SJDM City, I entered the trails at Paradise to Barrio Bisaya to Jackhammer to Bricktown and exited via the single tracks to Ygay Road.  Then, I pedaled the paved road to Licao Jeepney terminal, where I rested for awhile and had my snack.
On my way to San Mateo, Rizal, I bumped into SSister YummyNia and Noli.
The trail ride with a single speed, rigid fork, clipless pedal, and single brake (front only) had been very challenging, exciting, and more fun.  I really thought I'd push my bike up most of the time.  But, surprisingly, I pushed my bike up in two instances only.
I'm now considering converting my Marine Alpine Trail 29er into an SS too.

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