Sunday, April 7, 2013

Third SS attack to Timberland; and, beyond . . .

On my third SS attack to Timberland this morning, I did it in five stops only or less than a stop from my previous 2 attacks.

While cooling off at the Timberland gate, I thought of going farther up to the Clubhouse. Why not, coconut?  I reached the Clubhouse, all right, with one stop only.
While resting at the trailhead, I heard beckons coming from the trail.  After some thoughts, I heeded.  I just traversed the basic trail up to the Araneta gate.
Hearing no more beckons, I pedaled back.

It's the first time I tried my SS on trail; and, I enjoyed the ride.  And, it's more enjoyable with the rigid fork.  I'd also toyed the idea of trying the green or blue zones but dismissed it. I'd just do it next time with a group.

Sadly, I noticed that a segment of the road from the trailhead has been leveled and most probably would be paved sooner or later.  So, let's enjoy the trails while they are still there.

Ride safe always!

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