Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, I experience the CABA Zone

My first attempt to ride in Camp Aguinaldo Biker Adventure (CABA) Zone last November went to naught. The trail's closed. It was after the Paquiao - Cotto fight. Probably, the trail keeper's still watching the reruns of the fight. He he he . . .

Yesterday, or five months later, I went there pedal all the way from Novaliches (about 20 kms). I left home at 2:00 pm and arrived after an hour and a half. Yes, it's open.

I planned to make a round only just to experience the trails then pedal all the way back home. After one round, I decided for another round. After a rest, I went back inside the trails.

Ironically, I found it more difficult on my second round. I crashed once at the curve before the ascent to the van and made more stops than my first round. Maybe, I was just tired. I survived anyway and went home happy and satisfied.

Definitely, I'd go back and try the trails again.

Stop over at UP Diliman

The trail head

The trail exit

Another stop over at UP Diliman on my way home.

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