Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dreaming of Novaliches to Tuguegarao City ride

Tuguegarao City is about about 470 kilometers from our place in Novaliches. My parents came from nearby towns. My father was from Iguig and my mother is from Penablanca.

These are details of my initial and tentative plan of my dream ride:

When = within the month of June 2010

Routes to take:
  • Novaliches to Cagayan Valley Road, Bulacan via either Quirino Highway or Manila North Road;
  • Stretch of the Cagayan Valley Road from Bulacan to Santiago Isabela;
  • National Highway from Santiago City to Tuguegarao via Roxas, Isabela.

Number of biking days = Three days

Days of ride = Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday

Speed = about 15 kilometers / hour

Number of hours of ride per day = about ten hours

Starting time = at about 6:00 am

Rest time - every one and a half to two hours of pedaling

Places of stopover for overnight:
  • First night = San Jose, Nueva Ecija
  • Second night = Diadi, Nueva Viscaya or Cordon, Isabela
  • Third night = Tuguegarao City
This is still a dream and may not materialize. Nonetheless, I've been preparing and training for this.

In the meantime, I've sought the thoughts, tips, advices, and suggestions of my fellow PMTBikers to make this trip doable, easier and more enjoyable. Thank you in advance for your inputs.


  1. i'm a road biker, but the max na bina-bike ko is 2hours straight over the span of 40KM during weekends. reading your post here, talagang nabibilib ako sa stamina ng other bikers na tulad niyo. my main problem when i do long ride is my legs get numb. good luck po sir Tom.

  2. Hey! Magsosolo ka ba or pwedeng magjoin? Let us know! ;) JOvan

  3. Hi Jovan. You're most welcome to join me.

  4. Game game! Kailan niyo sir plano? :)