Monday, September 21, 2009

Training for uphill climb

This afternoon, I was about to go to UP Diliman again to bike around the Academic Oval. On the way, however, I changed my mind. Instead, I decided to go to San Mateo, Rizal to train for climbing uphill in preparation for my conquering The Wall and beyond. San Mateo, Rizal is frequented by mountain bikers because of its numerous quality trails. The Wall is the most dangerous curve on the way up to Timberland Heights.

When I contemplated biking, my intention was to ride on level grounds only. But now, I've changed my mind. Now, I wanted to try the mountains and trails.

As a newbie in biking (just 3 months old) and already aging (I'm 52 years old), I don't think I could climb mountains yet. The spirit may be willing but not the body. I've pedaled on level grounds for three months already. And, I think it's time to go to the mountains. But, I need to train first and decided to start the training now.

I parked my car along the shoulder of Kambal Road Extension. I unloaded AlitePot (my bike) from KarenPot (my car) and replaced her front wheel and saddle. I wore my gears and warmed up.

My plan was to traverse point A (see map), which is the lowest point of Kambal Road Extension up to point B, the peak, and back to point A with rests in between runs.

At the peak on my first run, instead of U-turning, I decided to turn right to C6 Road down to point C, the lowest point of C6 Road, then U-turned to my starting point. I did the same on my second run. On my third run, I decided to gradually climbed up and pedaled up to point D then back, fourth run up to point E, and my last run up to point F. Five runs and those were enough for the day; and, I packed up.

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