Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Biking while waiting

I'm on leave today because of my son's birthday. Since we're going to celebrate his birthday in the afternoon, I decided to have KarenPot (our Kia Carens) her 40,000 kms. Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) at Kia Fairview Service Center. It's her number coding; so, I needed to be there before 7:00 AM. It's just a few minutes (or about 2 kilometers) away from our place.

The PMS takes about 3 to 4 hours. Previously, I while away the time in the Customers Lounge internetting, reading, or watching TV while waiting for the PMS to be completed. This time, I brought along AlitePot (my bike). After turning over KarenPot, I biked to Neopolitan Business Park, which is just adjacent to the Service Center, and pedalled 20 rounds. A round is about 1.2 kilometers; so, that's about 24 kilometers. I still wanted to do some more rounds; but, the sun was already scorching.

At around 10:00 AM, I proceeded back to the service center to check the progress of the PMS. It's still on-going. I was advised that the front brake pads were already worn out and needed to be replaced; and, there's no stock available for the fuel filter. I agreed to have the brake pads replaced for safety reasons. The fuel filter would be available in the afternoon. I couldn't wait for the part to arrive and instructed them to have the filter cleaned first and replaced. I made it sure that it's just okay to do so lest it would clog.

The service was completed an hour after; and I went home.

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