Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ondoy foils my ride

This morning, we're going to Bagac, Bataan for the farewell party of Mamang (my mother). She's going home to Sydney, Australia on October 1. However, typhoon Ondoy prevented us to proceed. We actually left home already. But, after traversing two flooded areas and seen the heavy traffic ahead, I decided to turn back home. I'm glad I did. The rain continues and intensifies. I heard in the news the widespread flooding in the metropolis and in the areas affected by the typhoon. Had I continued driving, we could have been stranded somewhere else.

As we'd be staying overnight, I thought of bringing AlitePot (my bike). I planned to pedal this afternoon or tomorrow morning and explore Bagac. I already inquired from for possible trails in the area. But, my plan was foiled by typhoon Ondoy. And, I felt frustrated.

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