Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I install my bike lights

Last September 14, I pedaled late in the afternoon in UP Diliman Academic Oval. And, dusk and darkness caught on me. I had no lights (front and rear) on my bikes yet. The street lights were not sufficient to illuminate clearly the area. And, I may not be visible from other bikers and joggers/walkers. I just kept watchful and ready for any eventuality.

Actually, I already bought front and rear lights for my AlitePot but hadn't installed them yet.

Last Saturday (September 23), I biked again late in UP Diliman to break in my new shoes. Before riding, I installed first the lights. I wasn't able to use though the lights as dusk didn't caught on me but rains. Thus, I cut short my ride. I made eight laps only instead of my usual 12 laps.

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