Sunday, February 7, 2010

My hardest but the best ride I've ever had.

I had planned of traversing the trails of Rodriguez, Rizal - Licao licao, Macabud and Nabutas.

I've been reading the related PMTB threads and studying and plotting the maps. Likewise, I initially surveyed Pangarap Village and checked where the trail head is.

And, there was the Licao licao Fun Ride organized by PapiRocky on January 30, 2010 Saturday. Unfortunately, I was out of town at that time.

So, this morning, I executed my plan.

This is my first time on this journey - a totally stranger to the places and trails I was going to venture to and totally all alone.

Armed with a map and a determination, I left our home in Novaliches at about 7:00 AM. I passed by Neopolitan Business Park and ate my breakfast of Lugaw with egg.

Hungry no more, I started pedaling to Pangarap, Caloocan, where the trail head is. At the trail head, I saw some mountain bikers ahead. I tried to catch them buy my efforts were futile. After pedaling for more that 30 minutes from the trail head, I was thinking of turning back. But, NO! I had to go on. I just followed the trail.

Upon reaching an intersection, I hesitated where to turn to. So, I asked for directions. To the right, to Montalban and Payatas; to the left, to Ipil. I picked the former. After a few meters, there's another intersection and I turned right. At the next junction, I again asked for direction - to the left, to Montalban and to the right, to Payatas. It's the latter I took.

So, I think I didn't reach Licao licao nor Nabutas but Macabud only.

Whoa! This trek is the hardest but the best the I've ridden, so far. It's a combination of long trails and long paved roads. I loved riding the hardship of the trails and enjoyed the rolling road going to Payatas. I'd come back for more to try and explore the other branches of the trails.

On my home, I passed by a bike store along Commonwealth, Fairview and had my bike tuned-up to ready my bike for the next ride.

By the way, I arrived home at around 11:00 AM. I had to go home early for the joint birthday celebration of my daughter, Jaja, and sister, Elvie.

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