Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Macabud, Rodriguez trail experience

My first Macabud trail experience was two weeks ago.

This morning, I took this trail again. And, as usual, I was alone but not lonely.

I took the same route but explored some branches of the trail. And, in one of the branches, I was barked at and almost attacked by two big dogs. Luckily, they changed their mind when their owner approached them. Whew, that's close.

I happened to see a big group of bikers resting in a store. I believed they're the PMTB CPB Bikers.

Last time, I took the Payatas Road on my way home. This time, I took the other way to San Isidro, Rodriquez then to San Mateo.

This ride wasn't as hard as my first time but it's still the best and enjoyable.

At the long ascent where I pushed my bike.

At the crossroad of Sitios Udiongan and Calumpit.

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