Sunday, January 31, 2010

Novaliches - Timberland - Novaliches

For today's ride, I'd planned of exploring the Licao-licao trails. It'd be first to ride to Licao-licao; hence, I'm still a stranger to the trails. So, in preparation, I checked the PMTB forum for the previous rides to Licao-licao to get information and mapped my routes.

Last night, however, I came home from my Leyte trip with bad feeling due to LBM. After making two trips to the comfort room, I decided to sleep. Minutes later, I felt I had a fever and chilled. My stomach was still aching. If this feeling persisted, I'd cancel my ride.

6:00 AM, I woke up and assessed myself. There's no more fever; but, I made another two trips to the comfort room. At 9:00 AM, I decided to push through with my ride. But, since it's already late, I changed my plan and pedaled to a familiar place instead - to San Mateo, Rizal and to Timberland Heights.

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