Saturday, January 9, 2010

Novaliches-Payatas-Rodriguez-San Mateo-Batasan ride

My Kia Carens (KarenPot) has run more than 51,000 kilometers. She was already overdue for her 50,000 kms. Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS).

My original plan was to bring her to Kia Pasig. And, while waiting for the service to finish, I'd bike the Marcos Highway - Sumulong Highway - Ortigas Avenue - Amang Rodriquez Avenue Loop.

However, the plan was changed. Instead of Kia Pasig, I brought my car to Kia Fairview, which is the nearest Kia service center from our place. Thence, I executed my other ride plan: the Payatas/Litex Road - Rodriguez - San Mateo - Batasan Road Loop.
After turning over KarenPot to the service center, I started pedaling. This is my first time to traverse Payatas Road and Rodriquez. As expected, the ride along Payatas Road was stenchy.

The loop consists of paved roads. And, for some bumpy rides, I again took the Patiis, Maly-Ampid, and Abuab Roads in San Mateo.

From Kia Fairview, I started pedaling

Corner of IBP Road and Payatas Road

Somewhere along Payatas Road, I saw two mountain bikers taking the same route

Highway Boundary

Montalban Bridge

Marikina River viewed from Montalban Bridge

Rodriguez-San Mateo boundary

The muddy portion of Maly-Ampid Road

San Mateo-Batasan Bridge

And, back to Kia Fairview

Thanks to PMTBikers Plankton_Dash and Rocky for your very helpful heads up and advices on how to ride the Payatas/Litex Road.

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