Sunday, January 3, 2010

Exploring Maly-Ampid and Patiis Roads

Two days ago, I partly explored the Maly-Ampid Road. Today, I went back and fully explored this road and Patiis Road. They are located in San Mateo, Rizal.

I parked my car at Froys Plaze. Thence, I pedaled along Kambal Road Ext. towards E. de los Santos Road then U-turned at the intersection for my warm-up ride. From C-6 Road, I took the road going to Shotgun Trail and proceeded to Maly-Ampid Road then left turned to Patiis Road. The latter ends at Gen. Luna Avenue - the main road of San Mateo. At its intersection, I turned and pedaled back. Along the way, I saw three resorts and checked them out.

Patiis Road from Gen. Luna Ave.

Maly-Ampid Road towards Abuab Road

Shunji Resort (Mt. Maarat at the backdrop)

Enjoying a bottle of not-so-cold beer.

Green Nature Resort

Biking around the GN Resort

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  1. Hi Sir! I also did a little explo ride on my own around patiis-abuab-c6 just last weekend. Was trying to find a way to rodriguez via patiis. I asked some locals and indeed there's a way. But I hadn't had the time to explore it. Maybe next time. Your March 20 ride plan sounds interesting. Hope I can join you; I just live in San Mateo. Let me know, my email is Cheers! -yury