Saturday, June 5, 2010

Biking in the rain

I woke up late again for the Licao-licao fun ride. And, I thought of just following the group but decided to go to my favorite nearby place - San Mateo, Rizal.

I left home at about 8:00 am. The sky's cloudy and dim. And, the sun's peeping once in a while. I was hoping it wouldn't rain. At the Batasan Road, it drizzled shortly. But, when I was about to turn left from Delos Santos St. to Kambal Road extension, it drizzled again followed by a heavy rain. The sad thing was there to immediate structure to cover from the rain. When I reached one at about 500 meters away, I secured my phone, camera, and wallet. A little rest then I proceeded biking towards Timberland Heights.

It's so nice riding in the rain because of the cool weather. You won't get tired easily especially if you're doing uphill. But, there are some downsides, like the safety and dirtier bike and clothings.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride very much.

On the way up to Timberland, the rain stopped.

A mini landslide along C6 Road just after the infamous "siko" (elbow) on the way down from Timberland. Some portions of the road are prone to landslide.


  1. nominated your blog as my top 10 emerging influential blog of 2010 by ms. janette toral.