Monday, May 3, 2010

Tuning my bike up

It's Monday; and, it's good it's declared non-working day.

I again went back pedal all the way to San Mateo and continued my mountain crossing training.
PhotobucketPosing before leaving home.

PhotobucketI'm glad the Commonwealth / Litex overpass is devoid of vendors.

While pedaling I noticed there's problem in my gears. At the two highest gears, I felt some frictions from the chain. Likewise, I noticed the brakes needed adjustment too.

Hence, on my way home, I passed by a local bike shop in Fairview and had my biked checked up and tuned up.
PhotobucketThe mechanic servicing my AlitePot.

It's now running smoothly.

PhotobucketAt the Neopolitan Business Park

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