Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flat tire

Last Sunday, I pedaled from home all the way to Antipolo church and back.

On my way down along Sumulong Highway from the church, I felt something's wrong with my bike. I looked down and saw that my rear tire's soft. I dismounted and pressed it. It's soft, all right. I pumped the tire in the meantime and proceeded to my pit stop at the Cloud 9 Restaurant for lunch, which is just about a hundred meters ahead.

Before it got flat.

I arrived at the restaurant with my rear tire still hard. When I finished eating, I again checked the tire. It's now totally flat. I got my tools and patches. I checked first what's the culprit. It's a big staple wire that punctured the tire.

Since I bought my bike last June, this was the first time I experienced a flat tire. And, this was the first time that I fixed/patched a flat tire.

Looking for the puncture was somewhat difficult; but, I managed to do so after several attempts.

After fixing the flat tire, I proceeded home.

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