Sunday, December 6, 2009

My first trail experience

This morning, instead of attempting the Shotgun trail again, I climbed to Timberland and explored the trail after it for the first time. I supposed the trail is called the Maarat Basic. I was following two bikers when I went in the trailhead. The trail's a very rough dirt road. Still inexperienced on this type of road by bike, I just pedaled very slowly. The two bikers were already gaining distance.

At the first intersection, I was confused where to go - straight ahead or turn left. I saw bikers went straight ahead and noticed the two bikers I was following turned left. I turned left too. After a few minutes, I lost them.

I was on my own. I kept on pedaling and ended up on a concrete road, where I saw bikers resting. I stopped to rest and greeted them. I told them I'm just a newbie; and, they invited me to ride with them.

So, I rode with them. But, at the end of the paved road, I decided to turn back. I thought I had enough for my first trail experience. I thanked the other bikers.

After exiting the trail, I stopped, rest, and enjoyed the views before going down. That's about an hour of trail experience. It was indeed a happy and beautiful experience.

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