Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas ride to Mt. Samat

We'd spent the Christmas eve and are spending the Christmas Day with my sister-in-law and her family in Balanga City. And, this is the best opportunity for me to try one of Bataan's bike trails.

I woke early at 7:00 AM. After eating my breakfast of fried smoked milkfish, fried egg, and lengua, I took off at quarter to 8:00 AM. My destination - Mount Samat, which is located in the next town of Pilar.

From Dona Francisca Subdivision, the distance to the foot of the mountain is about 10 kilometers. And, the uphill climb is about 7 kilometers.

To make the climb more challenging, I pedaled on unpaved shoulders. I just used the paved road, when it's too difficult or dangerous to ride on the shoulders. It was a grueling two-hour climb. I made so many stops to catch my breath.

But, finally, I made it.

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