Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free tune up

Some things were wrong with my AlitePot. The front wheel wasn't wheeling freely. Sometimes, I heard noises in the rear wheel, especially when climbing uphill. I heard noise in the crankset too. And, sometimes, it wasn't shifting properly. I tried to make some adjustments; but, I wasn't able to correct any of them. I tried again but to no avail.

My last recourse was to bring it to the bike store, where I bought it, for free tune up.

But the problem was I had no time. Last, November 16, I found time to go to the bike store. However, it's and Monday and the store was closed. I had to find another time again.

At lunch time today, I sacrificed my midday nap and went to the bike store. I planned to leave her then pick her up when I get home in the afternoon. But, the mechanic told me that tuning up would be finished in no time; and, I could wait.

True enough, it was finished in about thirty minutes.

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