Sunday, March 24, 2013

Timberland in 3 dismounts / rests.

I've been climbing Timberland without dismount - from Aling Tina's Eatery up to Timberland Gate.  The gears I'm using are 32 x 17 up to curve before the "siko" then 32 x 26 all the way to Timberland.

Today, using my Marin Alpine Trail 29er (TweetyPot) with the same gearings,  I climbed Timberland again.  This time, I did it with three dismounts.  My stopovers: 1) before the "infamous siko"; 2) at the rumble strips after the "siko"; and, 3) after the next curve.  This is the hardest segment of the climb.

For the past month, I'd limited my biking on flat grounds only due to an illness.  When I got bored, I tested if I could do some climbs.  Anyway, I feel better and stronger now.

Last Friday, I tried the Commonwealth Avenue Extension - Form Dory's Restaurant up to Quirino Highway.  A piece of cake!.  Yesterday, the ride from Aling Tina's Eatery up to the curve before the "siko" was a walk in the park!

And, today, I made my climb as easy as ABC, pedaling slowly and stopping/resting at will, just to reach my goal as if I'm a newbie.  Actually, my plan was to make 4 to 5 stopovers.  I was so happy I did it in less!

Second stopover at the rumble strips:

Ride safe always!

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