Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Saturday SS Ride - Timberland

Black Saturday commemorates the day that our Lord Jesus Christ's body laid in the tomb.

I'd tested my SS powers yesterday from Morong, Bataan to Subic Ocean Adventure & v.v.  And, I'd test it today by climbing to Timberland.

From Aling Tina's Eatery, I attacked Timberland and was able to climb it, all right, but in six stops.  First stop was a mandatory stop before the infamous "siko".  The second at the "siko"; the third to fifth before the next curve; and, the last after Amiya Raya.  I also pedaled standing up; but, my powers were not enough to conquer Timberland on SS non-stop.
The last stop

Suman (rice cake) and Yakult at Marc's View Deck

I'll just attempt again next time with less stops.

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