Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Single Speed Mountain Bike

This is my Single Speed (SS) bike:

Orignally, it's a geared mountain bike (2009 KHS Alite 150) when I acquired it more than three years ago.

Later, I converted it into a 1 x 8 set-up; i.e., the largest and smallest plates of the crank were removed leaving  the middle only, which has 32 teeth.  Consequently, I removed the front derailleur lever and cable.  The front derailleur was maintained as a chain guide. Some weights were shaved off.  Then, later again, I replaced my suspension fork with a second hand Mosso rigid.  Great, the bike got much lighter.

Inspired and challenged by other SS bikers,  I contemplated on proceeding to turn my bike into an SS.  Then, one day, I just found myself canvassing for the conversion kit.  And, another day, I was buying the parts.

And, when I blinked my eyes, lo and behold, my bike transformed into an SS.

Here are the parts I needed and the costs:
  • Spacer - P1,100
  • 17t cog - P1,000
  • Singleator (or tensioner) - P2,500 but got it at 50% off or P1,250 only
  • Chain - P0.00 - I used the existing.
  • Labor - P100
  • Total - P3,450
So far, I'm enjoying riding my SS but need more training and practice.

1 comment:

  1. I havent tried a SS. Is it easy?

    How is the ride going uphill and for long drives?