Thursday, December 23, 2010

My savings for bike commuting

I'd like to bike commute from home to work and vice versa everyday. However, there are no bath or shower areas at or near our office. So, I just bike commute home once a week from office to home on my number coding days - Wednesdays. I leave my car overnight at our basement parking and commute via public utility vehicles in going to the office the following morning.

Last night, I again bike commuted from office to home. Then, this morning I took the public transportation in going to the office.

And, my savings:
  • Cost of diesel is P35 / liter
  • Distance from office to home is about 30 kilometers
  • Diesel consumption of my car is 10 liters per kilometers
  • Public transpo fare - home to office is P69

P35 x 30 kilometers / 10 liters= P105 x 2 = P210 - 69 = P141

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