Saturday, December 25, 2010

Finally, I go clipless

I was going clipless; but, at some points, I hesitated. With some prods from biking buddies, I finally decided to go on.

I bike commuted from office to home last Wednesday and passed by the local bike shop. I found a pair of clipless pedals and bought it. Its Shimano PD M540 (Malaysian made) with Reflector SM-PD22 attached. It costs P1,800 only.
I also bought a pair of shoes. The brand is X-ion from Germany. The cost is P2,500.
After paying the stuff, there's no turning back.

Yesterday, we went to Morong, Bataan to celebrate the Christmas there. I brought TweetyPot, where I installed the new clipless pedals. If there's opportunity, I'd try using the new pedals and practice cleating and uncleating. There was . . .

At the beach resort, I started the training.

First, at the parking area. I was doing fine. When I tried sudden braking, I disengaged my left foot. But, the bike leaned to the right and fell with me. Ouch! As a result, I got some scratches and my saddle got damaged.

I moved to the grassy playground of the resort.
Practice, practice, practice . . . Then, I tried uncleating the right foot and braked but the bike leaned to left and fell with me again. Same error. Fortunately, no damage done.

After building some confidence, I pedaled out of the resort - on the highway and fireroads.

At the highway, I was about to negotiate a U-turn, a motorcycle suddenly appeared close on my left. I panicked and braked. I was expecting a fall but fortunately my left foot disengaged and I stopped standing. Whew! That was close.

I pedaled back to the resort and practiced some more on the playground.

TweetyPot and the sunset


  1. sir so pano newbie ako ano advice nyo after trying clipless or not.

  2. My advice is to go clipless as early as possible. That's where you are going anyway, sooner or later.

  3. nice shoes bro? san shop nabili?

  4. sir, nabibili po b ung sm pd22 ng hiwalay sa pedal? nawala kasi ung isa kong sm pd 22.



  5. @ spanky - Nabili ko yung shoes (X-ion) sa John Wilkie - Concepcion.

    @ nelson - Hindi ako sure kung nabibili sya ng hiwalay. Hindi ko na ginagamit yung aking SM PD22. Kung gusto mo, pwede ko na syang ibigay sa iyo.

  6. sir tom,

    nelson here. just saw your message na ibibigay mo na sakin ung sm pd 22. avalilable pa po ba ito? if yes, san po kita pwede mapuntahan or kontakin?



  7. sir tom,

    just saw your message na hindi mo na ginagamit ung smpd22 mo. available pa ba? if yes, san ko po kayo pwede meet?

    thanks in advance po!


  8. @ nelcasam - you may contact me at 09209555249.

  9. Shoes any good? got a chance of a pair, any feedback appreciated

    1. This pair of shoes was good. And, after 2 years, I'm retiring it.

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