Thursday, December 16, 2010

I attend the PMTB Christmas Party

It's my number coding day, so I left the office in Makati at around 6:30 PM and arrived at the venue at past 7:00 pm. The party hadn't started yet; and, It's still registration time.

I bought two raffle tickets hoping to win one or two of the prizes. A helmet or even a frame would do.

The recycled tickets from last year.

I again met Hiyugo, Diyego, and Tanggero. We first met at the PMTB party last year and we shared a table. Now, we're sharing again a table.

The Team Adventureros - Jester, Jepsky, Skwid, Jugleong, and CaloyPalaboy

The party was a success. I enjoyed it despite I wasn't lucky enough to bring home a prize. I left at past midnight.

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