Monday, December 27, 2010

I fall thrice

It's time to test my clipless pedals in the metropolis, where there are tight situations such as traffic and pedestrians.

My route was Novaliches to San Mateo to Marikina to Novaliches. That's about 36 kilometers.

I suffered three silly falls. The first was at the intersection of Mindanao Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. I already crossed the Commonwealth Ave lane going to Novaliches proper but stopped at the center to allow the vehicles crossing the Mindanao Ave.

The second was the intersection of Delos Santos Ave. and Gen. Luna Ave. in San Mateo. The traffic at Delos Santos Ave. was red.

The third was along J. P. Rizal St. somewhere in Nangka Marikina. The jeep I was following stopped to load passengers.

These falls were identical. When I was about to make a full stop, I disengaged my left foot from the pedal then applied the brakes. With the right foot still clipped, I put some weight to the left then planted my left foot. But, somehow the weight shifted to the right and bang!

Luckily, I just sustained minor scratches and bruises. After the third fall, I now unclip both feet when stopping.

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