Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breaking my Shotgun record

I climbed Shotgun yesterday. From my previous best record of 47 minutes and 20 seconds, I did the climb in 42 minutes and 30 seconds or 5 minutes faster.

I was exhilarated with my progress. The good weather contributed a lot. I started the climb at about 8:00 am.
But, problems are already looming in the Shotgun route. As I was pedaling up, I noticed there were more garbage trucks coming up and down. As I neared the top, more flies were riding with me.

My previous records:
  • 11/16/10 - 47:20
  • 11/6/10 - 47:30
After my Shotgun climb, I also tried breaking my Timberland record but was unsuccessful.

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