Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping for a bike and working while biking

I'm on leave today. And, I decided to bike, shop for a bike, and do a midday climb to the Wall. I was shopping for a 29er – possibly a Marin Alpine Trail.

I started pedaling at about 9:00 am towards Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Pitstop at UP Diliman

I passed by Knobbies along White Plains St. It has the Marin Alpine Trail but no 19” frame size.

I resumed pedaling to Bikezilla in Ortigas Center. It has the 19”. Okay and fine. I’d return in a couple of days and buy it.

Thence, I proceeded towards San Mateo, Rizal to conquer Timberland on a midday.

Marikina River crossing

On the way, however, I sensed my phone was ringing. I didn’t mind it. I stopped for lunch (somewhere in Concepcion, Marikina) and checked my phone. Oh my gosh! It’s the office calling. I was going to eat first! While eating, it kept on ringing. I ignored it until I finished my lunch.

Then I called up the office. There’s a problem that needed my assistance. What a timing? I was on leave and biking and, now, I was working.

I made several calls then pedaled away. While pedaling, my phone rang from time to time. So, I had to stop and made calls. Before approaching Puregold San Mateo, I decided to cancel my midday climb to Timberland and go home instead. Istorbo talaga ang trabaho sa pag-bike. He he he . . .

These were two of my instant offices along the way, where I worked:

A hut somewhere in Marikina City

Total Gas Station - North Fairview. Working while re-hydrating.

I arrived home at past 2:00 pm.

My Novaliches - Ortigas - Novaliches route with a total distance of 56 kilometers.

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