Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye, BIKEPOT

BikePot is actually the name of my first bike. When I registered in PMTB, I used his name as my handle.
I acquired him in June 2009 to try if biking was for me. It’s a cheap bike worth P2,600 only. When I got addicted into biking two months later, I bought a better one. Now, I’m planning of buying a 29er.

I still wanted to keep BikePot as I still use him from time to time biking inside our village and nearby places. But the problem is the storage / parking. We have a small garage, which could fit one car and no more than two bikesSo, I have no other choice but to dispose of him.

After office hours today, I’m going to deliver BikePot to his new owner. I sold him at P1,500 only.

GOODBYE, BIKEPOT! I’ll surely miss you. Hu hu hu . . .

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