Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exploring University of the Philippines - Diliman (Part 2)

At 1:00 PM today, I left home to bike. I hadn't decided yet where to go. I was choosing between San Mateo, Rizal and UP Diliman. And, the latter won!

Instead of pedaling around the oval, I again explored the places I wasn't able to explore before. Some places I explored were the:
  • Delos Reyes St.
  • Velasquez St.
  • A. Ma. Regidor St.
  • Aguinaldo St.
  • M. Viola St.
  • G. Bernardo St.
  • P. Valenzuela St.
  • J. P. Laurel St.
  • G. Apacible St.
  • Agoncillo St.

I also practiced my uphill climb in Juan Luna St. and in the driveway and parking area of the UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall. I also found short trails near the Executive House.

After four hours, I packed up.


  1. i have a canadian friend who loves biking as well..just met him in one of the social networks.

    well, just thought of him when i saw your site. that's good exercise you're doing...just be careful with the streets of manila (u know what i mean)

  2. I used to be a BMX biker before that is why I love your post. ^__^