Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another wet ride

For two consecutive Saturdays, I was forced to pedal in the rain. The first, it was Typhoon "Ondoy" who battered the country. Now, it's Super Typhoon "Pepeng". The former directly hit Metro Manila and dumped worth of one month rain; while, the latter is far away from the metropolis; yet, it still caused rain albeit not heavy.

As a certified bike addict, I was itching to pedal again - rain or no rain. To satisfy my addiction, I just pedaled around inside our village and did more than 10 kilometers only. It's a good timing that as I parked BikePot (my first bike) in our garage, my daughter Jaja had just finished preparing our snacks of taco.

I'm hoping it wouldn't rain the whole day today; so, I could go out and ride.

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